Interslavic osem
discussion about this word
Prirodne Jezyki
Русский восемь
Українська вiсiм
Беларуская восем
Polski osiem
Čeština osm
Slovenčina osem
Kaszëbsczi òsmë
Hornjoserbšćina wosom
Dolnoserbski wósym
Slovenščina osem
Bosanski osam
Hrvatski osam
Cрпски осам
Македонски осум
Български осем
Postavjene Jezyki
Slovio vos
Novoslovienskij {{{novoslovienskij}}}
Slovianski osem
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This page is intended to define the INTERSLAVIC word form for the ENGLISH word at the top of the column to the right.

If the INTERSLAVC box is "blank", then a word form has not yet been selected.

Immediately below the INTERSLAVIC box is a link entitled "discussion about this word" - which will link you to a "Discussion" page specifically for the WORD at point.

Below the Discussion Page link, under "PRIRODNE JEZYKI" ("Natural Languages") are listed the various modern Slavic natural languages - in their respective native language forms (NOTE: some natural language may be missing)

Finally, below the Natural Languages section, is the "Constructed Languages" section - "Postavjene Jezyki" - which includes "Slovio" "Novosloviensky" (NeoSlavonic) and "Slovianski".

The "Slovio" project is no longer active. "Novosloviensky" and "Slovianski", on the other hand, have joined together as "INTERSLAVIC" or "MEDŽUSLOVJANSKI" - each offering a slightly different grammatical format.

Here you may access and edit this information.